How it Works

Sentrian One is all about pulling the IT services you need together into one simple subscription – one point of call, one monthly price.

Getting started is as simple as setting up a no-obligation meeting with one of our Client Services Managers to see how our services might fit your business requirements.

Sentrian Managed Service Step 1: Pick the services you need

Pick the services you need

After speaking with one of our Client Services Managers, select the services you would like to include in your subscription. Start with Service Desk, then add any other services from the catalog.

Sentrian Managed Service Step 2: Conduct a site audit

Conduct a site audit

Our Engineers will gather all the information needed to ensure a smooth transition. You will receive feedback and any change recommendations before confirming the terms of your Sentrian One proposal.

Sentrian Managed Service Step 3: Service Transition

Service Transition

To take your business from its current state to a new way of working as smoothly as possible, our team will follow best-practice methodologies with regular and effective communications for you and your team.

Sentrian One FAQs

We designed Sentrian One to help businesses choose, deploy and maintain the IT solutions that are right for them, regardless of their size, location or IT expertise. You pick and choose the IT services you need, from servers to support, from connectivity and collaboration to backup and disaster recovery. Sentrian One Subscription provides you with an experienced and professional IT team that is available 360 days of the year. With different service modules to choose from, you select the options you require to meet the technical and operational needs of your business and build a fully customised support service delivered on a monthly subscription basis.
No, we operate with a rolling contract so you don’t need to lock into any long fixed term contracts.
You are free to cancel your Sentrian One subscription at any time with a 6 month notice period.
The security surrounding your technology systems ensures that only authorised and assigned Sentrian staff can access your data. Similarly, we will ensure that only authorised staff from your business can access your confidential records and information.
Yes, we are based in Brisbane and all staff work from our Brisbane office – including our Service Desk staff. Further, our data centres are based in Brisbane and Sydney. Data never leaves Australia unless required and authorised by you.
Sentrian One services cover all devices outlined in your Accepted Proposal. We will support all devices when used for business purposed and held by staff covered under your agreement.
Yes, provided the computer is being used for business purposes by a staff member covered under your agreement.
No, we will support any device that is being used for business purposes by a staff member covered under your agreement.
We offer additional services through our Mobile Device Management subscription which enables every device used by staff in your business to be customised, streamlined and managed in a centrally.
Occasionally technology fails. In the event of an emergency during business hours we will work as fast as possible to resolve any issues. In fact, our Service Level Targets provide a guideline for the time taken to recover from unforeseen circumstances.
Where we know that your system needs some extra work or maintenance our staff can be scheduled to complete this work outside of your business hours to reduce any downtime in your business.
Our Service Desk operates from 7.00am to 5.30pm every business day of the year. You also have the option to take an Extended Hours subscription which covers resolution of incidents 7 days a week.
In the event of an emergency outside of business hours your staff have telephone access to our Service Desk. Generally an after hours rate applies to work performed.
Sentrian clients benefit from the experience of our entire team of certified, capable and knowledgeable engineers.
When you contact the Service Desk with an incident or request, we will first determine whether your ticket can be resolved remotely. Remote work can typically be undertaken quite quickly as it’s performed by the next available engineer.

However, at times some tickets can only be resolved with an onsite visit. The technologies you use and the nature of your request will determine which engineer is the best qualified for the job, but at all times we will make sure the engineer is familiar with your setup.

One of our senior engineers will conduct a “site audit” at your premises. This enables us to understand your technology and provide you with a detailed report of the services we recommend to you. This also allows us to determine the time that will be taken for the transition process.
This will depend on the systems and technology to be transitioned to Sentrian. Our Support Services and Managed Services can generally be moved to Sentrian remotely and will incur no downtime to your business.
Where you require us to transition your server, hardware or data the work will be conducted after hours, generally on a weekend, so that you are ready for business on Monday morning.

Similarly, an internet connection can be transitioned after business hours.

A planned reboot or outage will always be conducted out of business hours or at a time mutually agreed with you.

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Incidents resolved within service level targets
Service requests resolved within service level targets
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