OfficeMaps links people with resources

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How often have you seen the new-starter in the office tentatively ask where they can find the Payroll Officer? Or perhaps you’ve walked around each and every meeting room in the building to work out which one has the best facilities for your big presentation?

OfficeMaps is an interactive office map and visual directory that offers quick, natural language answers to these and many other everyday office management questions.

‘Who in the Sydney office can speak Chinese? When is the practice manager returning from leave? What level five conference rooms have a projector?’

Its power lies in visual data mapping. The interactive interface takes you across various offices or sites, directly to the people and resources you’re looking for.

Search for people without knowing their name

officemaps-find-peopleOfficeMaps works in two ways: identifying people and managing resources.

Finding a person in another team isn’t always straightforward. You may not know their name, their location or their specialisation. OfficeMaps visualises your business’s personnel structure in a similar way as mapping your office space. Unlike a standard name based directory, its strength lies in being able to search on any attribute in the profile – such as title, role, skills, languages spoken, or any other custom fields you specify –  especially helpful when you don’t have a name to start with.

It’s these staff profiles populated with rich data that take OfficeMaps to the next level. After identifying the right person, you’re able to find their exact desk location, see their regular working days and whether they’re available right now. And it’s all on a single screen.

Plus OfficeMaps can integrate with Active Directory on-premises so that getting started with basic profiles is painless.

Enable your spaces

Office spaces and resources often go under utilised or unused. In some cases, staff may not even know they exist. OfficeMaps ensures these people can be led directly to these resources. Working out which desk is available for a visiting member of staff from another office is one of our favourite examples of using OfficeMaps to understand and manage your office space better.

Facilities, including meeting rooms or leisure spaces, can be linked to booking systems. Furthermore, spaces can be marked for internal use only, or flagged as being publicly accessible depending on the security procedures in place around your business locations.

These spaces are filled with the points of interest found in them, such as conference phones, projectors and emergency resources. Even the local water cooler.

See OfficeMaps in-action

To find out how OfficeMaps can work specifically for your business, visit the website or schedule a demonstration over a live web conference.

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