Cloud Services

We offer services utilising an optimised mix of public, hybrid or our own private cloud deployment.

Sentrian cloud data centres are located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, enabling businesses across Australia.

Managed Services

How we serve your business

Our Cloud Services are designed to put your business needs first. We understand businesses need the cloud to offer an improvement, not just be the next trend in IT.

To meet this promise, we offer a wide-range of services. From straightforward cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365, to comprehensive hosted environments and applications with complete backup and disaster recovery strategies.

Utilising a mix of powered-by-best-practice platforms to enable your business to perform.

Sentrian Cloud Services are available to scale, ensuring your service matches your usage.

Expand the Service Inclusion items below to learn more about the Cloud Services we offer.

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Available Service Inclusions

"We’re no longer wasting time. IT just works!"
- GCA Financial

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