Managed Services

Sentrian Managed Services enable your business to focus on what's important. We manage your IT, you manage your business.

Our ethic is simple: We support your people.

Managed Services

How we serve your business

Our IT service fits into the daily operation of your business. 

Support is always a call or email away through the dedicated Service Desk. Our expert engineers will guide you and your staff through each issue. We’re ready to provide hands-on, permanent resolutions.

Our Managed Services are always working behind the scenes. The automated maintenance systems flag potential issues before they impact your business. Ensuring uninterrupted day-to-day performance, predictability and allowing us to flag service upgrades before they become a necessity.

Sentrian Managed Services are built on flexibility. We have a presence in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, but we serve businesses across Australia. Our clearly defined service level targets will ensure your business will receive the support you expect.

Each Managed Services package is different. Expand the Service Inclusion items below to see how each item can serve your business.

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Available Service Inclusions

The Service Desk is the first point of contact for any help request. Available 24 hours a day, the Service Desk logs, tracks and resolves all IT issues.

Sentrian One subscribers have no limit on support requests. Service Desk engineers ensure every IT issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

The subscription model allows requests to be serviced fast. With all requests included in the monthly subscription, there is no need to draw up a quote and wait for it to be approved.

The Service Desk regularly works with third parties on your behalf to resolve support requests that fall outside the infrastructure we can access.

This service includes:
  • Single point of contact for support via phone or email.
  • Support requests logged & tracked using a ticket system.
  • Unlimited support for in-scope support requests with after-hours support also available.
  • Manage tickets and report monthly on performance against our service level commitment.

Contact Us Let's talk about how these services can address your specific business needs.

"Sentrian has a very responsive, good quality team who are always willing to go the extra mile."
- OnTalent

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